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Sight built or a manufactured home?

I did an Inspection the other day for a family. While talking to him over the phone to discuss particulars and any concerns they might have it was determined that the home may have a crawlspace. The realtor was unsure and the customer didn’t know either. During the Inspection it was quickly determined the home did indeed have a crawlspace and furthermore, the home was a manufactured home with a garage built onto the front. From the street view I can see where someone could easily assume it was a sight built home. Since this customer was in the market for a sight built home and not a manufactured home, they obviously did not purchase it. Lesson: The Realtor may not know-get it Inspected!

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A word or two on asbestos

Asbestos was commonly used in building material and insulation applications until the mid 70’s. It was valued for its insulation and fire resistive properties. However, as we all know now it is also linked to serious health issues. Most commonly used in our area in floor tile, insulation, and wall board applications asbestos was also used in some ceiling tiles. If you think you may have asbestos in any area of your home have it inspected and tested by an independent lab. Asbestos abatement can be very costly running into the thousands of dollars however, in some cases it may not even be necessary to remove it from the home. If you have it tested at least you will know.

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Federal Pacific or Stab Lok electric panels

Wanted to post something on these electric panels. I saw this one on an inspection the other day and, yes they are still in use in homes today. If you have one of these in your home I want you, RIGHT NOW/TODAY, to call an Electrician or an Electrical Contractor and have it evaluated for safety or possible replacement. I know, sounds expensive. But, I assure you the risk to you and your loved ones far outweighs the price. They are a known fire/safety hazard. Unfortunately, there is no official recall on these as the company was sued out of business by a class action lawsuit from the state of New Jersey in the 80’s. The design of the panels is what makes them potentially unsafe and there is no “fix”.

Thanks, David Powell LLHI #10898